Fibre Planning

Specialising in Fibre Networks Plan and Design


On site surveys of poling, duct routes and updating existing records when available.
Processing all way-leave issues both Rural and Urban


All design work including cable layout diagrams, splitters, FDP and splicing schedules for new spines, spine extensions and PON areas.


Cabling and Splicing Workpacks created to include stores, costs and relevant maps and instructions. Updating all plant, duct, boxes, poles and cables on existing GIS maps or equivalent.

30 Years of Experience in both Copper and Fibre networks!

FibrePlanning Contractors is a specialist agency that was established to provide surveying and planning expertise within the telecoms sector.

FibrePlanning Ltd. was established in 2016 after spending over 30 years working with Eir (formerly Eircom). During those years we worked in all areas of network installation. Starting as cable jointers on construction and fault correction, we gradually progressed to covering all areas of the business, including planning, build and maintenance.

Most of our years have been spent on planning works which included, large scale renewal projects, customer and core fibre planning, fibre to the cabinet and cabinet RSU work. We have worked with various County Councils dealing with wayleave issues and plant shifts on new road constructions.

FibrePlanning Ltd. have worked with BT and Openreach on various projects in the UK, including: Northern Ireland Broadband Improvement Project (NIBIP), Broadband UK Ultrafast Fibre Project (BDUK) and Superfast Extension Project (SEP). We have also worked with MANX Telecom in the Isle of Man providing FTTP. Our company has planned work in St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean on fibre projects for LIME telecom, who are part of the Cable and Wireless group.

Our company provides fibre planning services (surveying of PON areas, design and planning, producing cabling and splicing work packs) for a wide range of customers across Ireland and the UK. These range from urban development and industrial projects, to the unique challenges typically presented by rural areas.

From survey, to design and planning, FibrePlanning provides the full package.

Brian Cusack

Brian Cusack
Founder of Fibre Planning Ltd.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team provide experience and attention to detail.

Way leave

Private and Public way leaves mapping and applications processed

Pre-Cabling Works

All Poling , Cabling and Civil work-packs created post surveying as required before fibre cabling can proceed


We liaise with cablers and splicers to solve any on site issues during construction.

Our Latest Projects

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

We will design and plan your network!

Use Our Experience

FibrePlanning have worked with BT and Openreach for the last 3 years on their FTTP and FTTC projects. In that time, we have surveyed and planned PON areas in both urban and rural areas.

We have also worked for Manx Telecom for over a year on their FTTP rollout.

Completed surveying and planning Fibre Spine cables for Lime Telecom on St Kitts and Nevis islands in the Caribbean.

For the past two years FibrePlanning have also been involved in the Survey and planning of fibre to new housing developments in Northern Ireland for Openreach.

Value Costings

Detailed costings available with all planned work. Including cost of stores for cabling and splicing and also costs for both cabling and splicing work activities.


Over 30 years experience in the Telecom industry. Fibre Planning has been working on both surveying and planning for FTTP projects for the last number of years.

End to End Planning

From Survey to Design to Plan we provide the full package

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